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The healing + parenting course bundle to foster secure attachment within yourself + your future generations to come!

It's time to be the ONE in the family line to break the cycles of family inherited trauma. Don't you agree?

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The truth is, family inherited trauma only keeps getting passed down from generation to generation because no parent was taught the art of emotional attunement + co-regulation. You see, a baby comes into the world with ZERO self-regulation skills. So a child learns how to self-regulate their nervous system + have great mental health when they're older, through being co-regulated by a caretaker when they're younger. 

Inside Mom School, not only will you learn how to heal from your past traumas + regulate your nervous system, you will ALSO learn how to
co-regulate your child so that you can be THE ONE in the family line that STOPS the unconscious cycles of family inherited trauma + revolutionizes mental health for you + your future generations to come.

For mamas + moms-to-be that want to level up in a BIG way.

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Let's face it. Motherhood can be stressful AF. WHY? Because not only are you bombarded with so much information + opinions on how to raise your child, but your child will actually trigger the unhealed attachment trauma that still lives inside of your subconscious + nervous system (which causes anxiety, depression, + triggers to pop up).

Mom School is here to help you learn how to navigate every part of the motherhood journey so that not only you can reclaim your life as a mama but you can also feel confident in your parenting abilities. 

To thrive + enjoy every moment of the motherhood journey.

find yourself in the motherhood journey

Great parenting starts with learning how to take care of your needs FIRST. So when you finally understand what it takes to process your emotions, regulate your nervous system, + live a life with more ease, it will be so much easier to teach your kids how to do the same. Embodiment is EVERYTHING.

learn what your child *actually* needs in order to thrive

Inside Mom School we remove the "fluff" so that you can get clarity on all of the essential tools + life skills that your child needs in order to have great mental health.

regulate you AND your child like a "pro"

In order for you + your child to become resilient, you need to learn the art of co-regulation so that you + your child can know that you both have capacity to not only move through + "bounce back" from your hard days FAST but that you can also feel better after.

How it helps you


Mom School is right for you if...

You're an aspiring mom 

You're a mom-to-be 

You're a mom

You need a step-by-step roadmap to make the motherhood + parenting journey feel easier to navigate.

After supporting so many moms through the ups + downs of motherhood, I get it. You're mom or mom-to-be with a heart of gold that cares deeply about your child + just wants to give them a better life.

And guess what? You can!

You just need simple, tangible steps to help get you there.

I know what you need, mama


This is what makes Mom School different.

This course is NOT just about parenting + providing your child with all of the life skills that will allow them to excel later in life, it's ALSO about making your life better too!

Mom School is a comprehensive healing AND parenting course that will help you break free from chronic anxiety, depression, stress, + anger outbursts so that you can reclaim your life + feel confident to know that you can support your child through anything and everything that they go through.

It will change YOUR life as much as your kid's life.


YOU DON'T WANT TO stay stuck where you are

You go through the entire program + finally have clarity on how to heal, thrive, + support your child on EVERY level.

You would much rather be feeling proud of how you're showing up as a mother + love the incredible relationship that you're cultivating with your child.

Let's paint the picture

You know how to process "mom guilt", "mom rage" or "mom overwhelm" + get back to a calm state FAST

You know exactly how to co-regulate your child's emotions to help them get back into a regulated state

You cultivate a loving, secure attached relationship with your child that lasts a lifetime

So picture this...

You're able to parent with ease because you have a regulated nervous system

You know how to set rules + boundaries with your child WITHOUT yelling

Introducing the course

The main things you will learn are:

how to heal + reclaim your mental health

Inside course #1, you'll learn how to diffuse your triggers, process your emotions, regulate your nervous system, learn your personality patterns, + embody a slow living lifestyle so that you can come back home to yourself + parent from a "full cup".


welcome to
mom school

Your "one-stop-shop" to heal + parent in a way that fosters secure attachment within you + child's nervous system.

tools to use to boost your kid's mental health


how to co-regulate your child + attune to their personality patterns


How to use rupture + repair + embody a more playful parenting style



Inside course #2, you'll learn what tools to use at every stage of your child's life so that they can acquire all of the important life skills that they will need in order to thrive + be successful in adulthood. 

The truth is every kid does NOT feel seen, heard, or understood the same way so when you understand the personality pattern your kid is expressing in the moment, it will help you know what to do in order to calm your child down fast.

You're not meant to be a "perfect parent" so I will teach you how to repair any ruptures that naturally arise with your kids + show you how to meet your child in THEIR world through play so that they will feel seen + listen to you more!

How to break free from anxiety + depression 

After the course you will gain insights on all of these things

This healing + parenting course is here to radically change you and your kid's life.

How to heal from past traumas + diffuse your triggers

What your main personality patterns are + how to repair them to access your "gifts" 

How to regulate your nervous system + embody more well-being in your life

The optimal parenting + communication skills

How to provide the elements of secure attachment to your child

Tools to use so your kid acquires life skills that will allow them to thrive

How to attune to your child's personality patterns so that they truly feel seen, heard, + understood

How to diffuse emotional tantrums through co-regulation

How to repair ruptures with your child so they feel loved + secure

How to set loving rules + boundaries without yelling or punishments

How to embody a more connected + playful parenting style so your child will listen to you more


This course is here to help you build confidence in  handling TOUGH parenting situations with ease so that you can trust that you're doing one incredible job as a mama!

It's time for you to know that you have the ability to raise a secure attached kid + tap into the incredible intuition you truly have so that you AND your child can thrive in life.

Mom School is a self-paced 100% online program with a proven blueprint to take you from overwhelmed to thriving mama.


This IS for you if:

You understand that great parenting starts with you

You're a mom, mom-to-be, or aspiring mom that desires to stop family inherited trauma

You're ready to learn what it takes to raise a secure attached child so that you can have a closer bond with them

You're not willing to take ownership of your triggers + think it's just about your child

You do not want to do the inner work it takes to become an empowered mama

You do not believe in the power of secure attachment or co-regulation

You're not willing to see parenting from a new perspective

This is NOT for you if:

You're willing to do the inner work to improve you + your child's mental health

Wait what exactly is in this course??

The FIRST course is here to help you heal + find yourself in a deeper way than every before.

Because in order for us to become the parents we truly desire to be that can raise a secure attached kid, it starts with us healing our triggers + reconnecting back to ourselves FIRST.

Glad you asked!
Here's what you get.

Rewire Your Mama Mindset
Around Your Healing + Transformation Journey

Topics that are covered


How to approach this work in an empowering way

The energy you want to tap into to be the mama you aspire to be

The "Mama Mindset Shifts" that will allow you to thrive in life

How to set powerful intentions to reach your goals


Learn how your
MIND, BODY, + SOUL *actually* works

Topics that are covered


How to shift to a new level of mind to reclaim your life

Learn what your 4 ego states are so that you can use your egos to your advantage instead of having them use you

How to audit + diffuse your deepest triggers so that you can build deeper connections to your loved ones

How to reparent yourself + reclaim your most empowered self through somatic embodiment practices


Heal Your Triggers Through Understanding What Your Main Personality Patterns Are

Topics that are covered


What attachment trauma created your triggers + personality patterns

What your main personality patterns are + how to rewire your survival strategies

How to somatically heal the developmental stages you missed as a child

How to access the "gifts" your personality patterns truly have!


How To Regulate Your Nervous System + "Bounce Back" From Hard Mama Days Fast

Topics that are covered


How to use Shaina's practical stress checklist to easily meet your needs everyday

See what is truly draining your energy + giving you life throughout day

A FULL library of self-regulation + subconscious healing tools 

How to use co-regulation to "bounce back" from a hard mama day FAST


How To Live In The Present Moment + Deepen Levels Of Well-being Through A Slow Living Lifestyle

Topics that are covered


How to normalize the different seasons of your life

The art of true self-care (that's easy + practical for a mama!)

How to slow down + romanticize the life you have right now

How to declutter your home (Clean Home = Clear Mind)


Wait there is more!

Here 's what's inside of the parenting course:

How to raise a secure, resilient kid that can thrive in this unpredictable world.

Rewire Your Mindset Around Secure Attached Parenting

Topics that are covered


The 14 commandments of secure attachment + connected parenting

How to see parenting from an empowered lens so you're less triggered

Why secure attachment is not a luxury but a requirement for our kids

The optimal parenting skills to foster secure attachment


Practical Tools To Use To Help Your Child Acquire Essential Life Skills + Have Thriving Mental Health

Topics that are covered


Ways to strengthen your child's nervous system

What to consider in your home to provide an environment that feels good on your child's nervous system

Tools to build self-confidence, grit, empathy, + problem solving skills 


How to help your child to feel safe to be in their body so that their mental health can thrive as they grow up

How To Emotionally Attune To Your Child's Personality Patterns So That They Feel Seen, Heard, + Understood

Topics that are covered


What emotional attunement is + why it matters

The signs + symptoms of each personality pattern that your child could express

How to attune to your child's personality pattern so that you can build a
deeper connection with them

How to set healthy, loving boundaries WITHOUT having to yell or punish


How To Co-regulate Your Child's Emotions + Tantrums With Ease

Topics that are covered


What co-regulation actually is + how it teaches your child emotional resiliency

Why co-regulation can feel dysregulating + how to combat that

The ways we strengthen + weaken our child's nervous system

Shaina's *PROVEN* step-by-step process on how to co-regulate your child when they're going through an emotional tantrum or breakdown so that you can get them back to regulation FAST


The Art Of True Rupture And Repair To Strengthen Your Bond

Topics that are covered


Why you don't have to be a "perfect" parent to raise a secure attached kid

Learn what your personal "hidden habits of disconnection" with your child are so that you can repair ruptures faster

Why "Rupture + Repair" is such an important skillset to model to our kids

Shaina's *PROVEN* step-by-step process on how to repair ruptures with your child so that you can build a closer relationship with them


How To Embody A Playful Parenting Style So Your Child Will Listen To You More

Topics that are covered


Why playful parenting is so important 

Why some parents struggle to be playful + how to heal that

Simple ways to build conscious connection with your child

Fun tools to use to help your child listen to you more


 Mom School

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How does it work??

This is a 100% self paced online course so you can take it with you no matter where you are in the world!


Get immediate access to the modules

Once you submit your payment, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to sign into your Teachable account where the TWO courses are hosted so that you can dive into the material ASAP!


Apply what you learn into your everyday life 

You will also have access to cheat sheets, handouts, + exercises that you can easily print out and have on hand as you integrate these teachings into your life!


the steps are so easy to do

How it Works well

you get access to everything so you are set up for success!

Here's a recap on what you get...

Step-By-Step Video Lessons

Worksheets + cheat sheets

Shaina's FULL library of subconscious healing modalities like RTT hypnotherapy audios, breathwork sessions, + sound healing

Helpful links + resources 

Access to a private community where you can ask Shaina any questions that you have

Lifetime Access (including any updates + additional bonuses Shaina adds to the course in the future)


"The tools I learned with Shaina have absolutely revolutionized my relationship with my children. The co-regulation that I experienced with Shaina has now allowed me to co-regulate with my kids. I feel like a super mum." 

- Claire j.

"I suffered from pretty severe postpartum anxiety and I really needed something to get my mental health and physical health back in balance and Shaina helped me do exactly that. Working with Shaina is going to make you feel so much better and it will help you learn things that are just so invaluable for your future."

- jEN S.

"I'm really happy to say working with Shaina has changed my life. If I had any advice for somebody I would say definitely do it. Do this for your future self, do it for your inner child because you are going to be able to heal so much trauma that just got stuck in there that is weighing you down."

- Theresa k.

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where do i ask questions?

If you want to provide secure attachment to your child it starts with you doing the work on yourself FIRST so Mom School will always bundle both courses.

Both courses will be hosted on Teachable. Once you purchase Mom School, you'll receive an email with all of the login details. Make sure to bookmark the login page once you get there for easy access to it in the future!

where is the course hosted?

Yes! you get lifetime access to the program, the community where you can ask Shaina any questions you have, as well as any updates Shaina makes to the program in the future!



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